Do you drain exercise, manage and control routine processes and activities from developing your main activities?

Move your manage and exercise standardized processes and routine activities to us. We will do these activities for you with guaranteed quality. Services Back Office use our customers related to provision of services customers care. For our customers practise the most ofen these activities:

• Transcription all kinds of documents, forms, contracts
• Treatment of documentation, checking contracts and foundations
• Treatment of electronic questions, requirements and complaints
• Digitization and electronic data archiving
• Manual document archiving
• Treatment and control obtained data
• Making reclamation

Direct Mailing

Do you have not spaces and capacity to ensure collective mailing letters or gifts?
We have everything needed to ensure:

• Complete realization campaigns of collective Direct Mailing
• Overtures conception including vocation of target group and delivery database
• Individual sending out materials, samples, gifts, winnings, folders and documents
• Additional services of responsible packages or no documentation cash on delivery
• Treatment of assistent packages with confirmation in documents
• • Securing letter and parcel domestic and international shipments
• Charter and direction post boxes
• Treatment of personalized printed matters and cover materials
• Completion of packagess and their prepearing for delivery using adress or nonadress form
• Electornic documents, filing sheets, overviews lore for registered packages

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